MHI Foundation Sponsor “- $5,000.00+
♦ Be part of the “Foundation Ohana”
MHI is now seeking at this time “Foundation Sponsorships” from businesses or individuals who will assist in suppling the needed financial resources to create a stable operational base for the Institute and fund operational expenses while a full multi-year /multi-million dollar budget is researched and prepared for funding .

With “Founders funding” the plans are to have the following in pace by early 2019
-Set up of a MHIRD base of operations (office space & storage) with the needed basic equipment to operate from.
-Create an ongoing 2019 strategic plan and budget for the new “Hemp is Here 2019… make the Island Green Maui Style!” campaign and projects
-Begin initial Research and Sustainability projects on Soil remediation and Carbon sequestering with Agricultural Hemp. Initial work on possible Maui Hemp growing locations, cultivars for grow outs, Initial Maui Hemp planting locations and farming partners. Creation of a 501.c non-profit

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