Our Current Projects


“Hemp is Hope”-Educate an Island “Maui Style”

Continuation of MHI’s on going 4+ year Island wide educational program.

Since 2014 MHI has been presenting workshops and events Island wide to educate and promote Agricultural Hemp as part of the Island’s sustainable future

Plans are for expansion of this program with the addition of an “Educational/Event” van that can visit various Islandwide events and continue the process to educate the local population and Maui’s millions of visitors on the future of Agricultural Hemp here and worldwide.


Soil, Water, Housing

Soil-Water-Housing…One Plant

The Maui Hemp Institute for Research & Sustainability (MHIRS), Soil-Water-Housing…”One Plant” -Mayor’s Initiative.

Three of Maui’s most significant challenges for the future are as follows: cleaning depleted and polluted agricultural soils for growing food, proper usage of R2 Water (sewage treatment water) to save our drinking water aquifers, reefs; and building affordable and sustainable housing.

One plant …Agricultural Hemp, is proving to be a solution to these situations worldwide and is ready to do it’s part on Maui. Agricultural Hemp is proving to be one of the best mitigators for removing heavy metals and other toxins from soils and water, and estimates are that 100 acres of it can build three - 3 bedroom houses using “Hempcrete” a simple combination of Hemp fiber and binder.

The plan is very basic and with support of our newly elected Mayor and County Council, MHI is now soliciting support from all on Maui to make it happen! …Growing Industrial Hemp using the output from our waste treatment plants on the dry ranch lands behind each, then harvesting the hemp and building houses (the hemp will sequester all the unwanted metals, and other by-products in the Hempcrete making them neutral). Estimates are that 100 acres of Agricultural Hemp grown in this fashion will yield 3- 3 bedroom homes. With the bonus added results of … “Cleaner Ocean and Reefs”.

CALL TO ACTUON: MHI is now beginning the process of reaching out to all governmental branches, political candidates, construction and private industry, nonprofits and the public to join together to make this a future reality here on Maui in the next few years Please contact us to join in this effort.


“making it Green 2019…Maui Style”

MHI is in the planning stages in supporting and facilitating various Island wide Hemp planting projects with private Maui landowners and Native Hawaiians.


AGRICULTURAL hemp Open Field Research PHAse I

Wind Break, Soil Remediation and Carbon Sequestering Project

MHI is now planning and will be facilitating and coordinating an initial research study on Agricultural Hemp as a wind break for our farmer’s crops.

In Phase II of this research project MHI will be studying Agricultural Hemps additional effects of soil cleansing (“Heavy Metals”) and Carbon Sequestering .


“Hemp History Week 2019”- June 4th-9th

An annual event celebrated nationwide that MHI has participated in since 2014

Various Educational & Hemp Food Events

Annual Release of our newest Maui produced Hemp Beer by Maui Brewing Company


MHI Membership Drive & Foundation Grants

Ongoing fundraising efforts to establish a permanent home and Research Campus for MHI here on Maui

Begin application and processing of 501c.3 status

Plan Future Fundraisers and Hemptastic Island related events